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I Help Coaches & Entrepreneurs write & publish a profitable book.

Do you want to learn how to write a profitable book that will help you impact thousands more lives with your business, and help you bring in a steady stream of clients who want to pay you handsomely in exchange for working with you, a bestselling author, directly?

That’s exactly what I’ve already taught over 20 of now-published, bestselling authors in less than a year and it’s what I’ll be teaching you.

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I will help you make money with your message of hope, healing, and transformation while being in total integrity

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I never thought I could write a book that everyone is longing to read in less than 9 weeks. I had no intention of writing a book, but after talking to Dr. Francis I came to the understanding that it will make the difference in my coaching program. I'm happy because even those who did not believe in me can now find a reason to listen to me.
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